Monday, April 20, 2009

World Recession. What's happening?

World recession, a few questions.

What about all those jobs sent to China? Are these still there?

In New Zealand 30% of employers are still expected to cut jobs. In Australia some 30,000 jobs are lost daily.

President Obama is going to spend more than all the spendthrifts in the world since the 1850s. Thats a long shot by any reckoning.........if the returns don't start coming in, the USA will be in more trouble and will pull down the rest of the world with it.

He starts with 3 trillion dollars. Now everyone knows when things start moving they somehow end up costing more, so are we talking of 4 trillion dollars by the end of 2010?

that's the wealth of a 100 Warren Buffets!!!

And what transpired at the 20G Summit in UK? Can something this serious be resolved with several handshakes and a one day discussion where the world would get another 1 trillion dollars.

CNN and others are just not starting to report on new job creation..........has this started? I mean Obama has planned, for example, to start work on renewable energies infrastructure........has this begun? How many have got jobs by this start up? I have seen no media reports giving any good news of this kind.

World dependance on oil must reduce, replaced by use of bio fuels..........the infrastructure development for this will get a lot of jobs to people. Has this huge work begun? and in which places and how big is each project.

Why are CNN, V of A, ABC, NBC and others not reporting on this?

The foolish accent is still on the Wall Street ................stocks go up today or go down ........Wall Street has lost relevance.......and enough coverage of Madoff...............people want to hear about jobs, business must pick up again, new jobs demands............

this recession will only reverse when new jobs begin to get people's attention, listed in wanted columns ...................Obama please get moving.

Cap on prices of oil and a few other commodities, steel, coal, iron ore, aliminium, for a period of one year, might bring prices down of related end products and make things affordable. This would trigger demand of sorts and give some impetus to economies across the world.

Fast track development of broadband internet, especially in places where it has not reached and where it should prove supportive to accelerate business and transport.

Safe drinking water! cleaner environment-mean reduced costs on health, more roads (and more bridges); EVERYONE TALKS OF CHEAPER CARS RUN ON CHEAPER AFFORDABLE FUEL, SAME FOR TRUCKS..........AND SHIPS-low costs in manufacturing new trucks and building new ships, more fuel efficient means cheaper transport costs mean more goods reaching more places, generating jobs.

Spend on research, low cost cars, trucks and ships, cheaper but equally efficient machines and equipment, cheaper but better building materials so affordable thing will lead to another, momentum set at different levels, in different places across the world, accelerate development in under developed countries, invent tools and methodology where enterprenership reaches the village levels.

Agriculture.........boost expenditure on research for agriculture-low cost high yield crops will reduce cost of food, more efficient and fast transport of food products will again generate jobs and reach affordable food products across the world.

Control currency fluctuations, a level playing field in the currency markets will stabilise currencies and slow down price fluctuations of other products.

Throw out, atleast suspend or slow down all speculative activities in markets in every country with large economies.