Friday, August 14, 2009

US Health Care Reforms!

From an outsider's view: More than the ongoing recession, these flared tempers and debates over health care seem to have taken the Americans, at those Town Hall meetings, by storm, with loud and rancous shoutings and protests.

Can't things be kept simple?

Obama and his government must go by the thumbrule- give the best possible health care that covers the widest majority, with pockets hurting kept at a minimum.
Give people a wide ranging choice of insurance plans, again that hurt the purse at the minimum; make sure the Insurance companies are never allowed to try their old tricks.

In some countries, medical treatment is free or subsidised to the vulnerable, and quite heavy on the very rich.............they can pay, instead of stashing away in expensive homes, cars, travel and other luxuries. I don't mean they be bleeded unfairly, but come on, if you cut out the rhetoric of leftist leanings and all similar lingo, you will find they have enough to spare to pay, more than the guy who can't figure out where to get his shoes repaired.

Tax reliefs for donations made to medical centers will help, and a good degree of government support to institutions who respond with free treatment, will get many, who cannot otherwise afford the steep costs, into good hospitals.

This is not socialism, it's plain humanism!

And to an outsider like myself, it seems this debate has split the Americans, with one body of opinion simply sceptical and up in arms, because they won't go with the proposals put up by the other.

Seems the US is in a lot of pulling and pushing, with both sides, Democrats and Republicans and the public that follows one or the other, in no mood to listen to one another...........a hell of a waste of time, when solutions are needed -and things could get worse.