Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Neda Soltani, you live on, we are dead.

Neda, the petite girl who died from a sniper's bullet during the Iran protests, stands for all we have to get back in life- beauty, pure spirit, innocence; child like and faultless, a brave courageous human being.

Neda, you have not died; you live now, and we have to learn to come alive!!!

She will ever be the symbol of a free Iran!!!


26 06 09 And one of the greatest entertainer of the last century, who was all set to woo the world again in the twenty-first, 50 shows over the next few months, Michael Jackson, will not live to do this; the hands of death, a cardiac arrest last night, robbed this world of one of the finest human being.

Let his faults die with him, because this was a gentle person, sad and lonely, who never hurt a fly, the whole world is in his debt for something he gave us all, something difficult to define in a few words.

And it is painful and bewildering to see the adulation and grief for Michael, it would have been encouraging if Michael had received support, emotional and more, when his huge debt was made known to the world or when he was caught up in that sordid accusations of paedophile behaviour-the point is not whether these were true or otherwise, but the extent of grief and loss felt now could have been shown him as support and anger for him. But the world is fickle and all the grief and tears will fade away with time.