Wednesday, September 1, 2010

National Geographic Channel and the Bible?

National Geography Channel and it's serial "Riddles of the Bible." Is this the Nat Geo Channel or a biblical evangelist channel? These TV channels, History Channel included, seem to believe this whole world is populated only by Christian believers, and none else; the rest of us do not matter. Our sensibilities are trampled on; and what is a channel, National Geographic, meant to spread knowledge of the Earth, broadcasting a biblical theme?

In the episode I watched, Christians are said to believe Jesus as the returned Messiah will first lead all believers who are righteous to heaven, before the world and evil within is destroyed. Are we all non Christians consigned to an everlasting hell, condemned foster creatures of God?

I think the Christians have every right to believe the articles of their faith, but should a secular channel, National Geographic air these views?

Couple of days back I watched "the Pagan Christ" on Discovery Channel. This serial traced the life of Jesus Christ, the main thrust of the serial is, the life of Jesus is "picked" from the Egyptian tale of Horus, the same virgin birth, the same visit by three wise men, and eventual crucification, rise from the dead and resurrection on the fourth day! A damning indictment of Christian beliefs!