Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel pounds Gaza, calls this an "all out war" with Hamas

Israel's fierce and relentless air strikes on the Gaza Strip, with a grim determination to punish Hamas and stop the barrage of rockets launched at Israeli civilian targets, has been called by Ehud Barak, Israeli Defense Minister, an all out war on Hamas.

The effective and deadly use of bombing targets after using drones for identifying these, causing loss of some 350 lives, and the injured numbering in their thousands, makes the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, very much immoral and wrong, look like marbles flung at an adversary.

CNN reports Ehud Barak calling this strike an all out war. This statement in fact highlights the Israeli action an illegal war within the framework of United Nations' resolutions on war.

Understandably, at first sight, this action appears as a retaliation for rockets launched into Israel; but the scale and ferocity of the reaction seems unjust, cruel and ghastly.

Hamas look like a bunch of fools, small Davids, who should not have angered Goliath, so you get what you asked for.

World media, that always looks for sensational news, their eye on their advertising income etc. did not bother to give proper coverage to the rocket attacks by Hamas, with no information on extent of damage and loss of life............so nobody outside of that region know what was the actual scale of attacks, and the resultant loss of Israeli lives and damage to property.

By contrast, the Israeli action is getting 24 by 7 coverage and Israel appears the bad guy.

Actually its time the world wakes up and calls the whole region a lawless rogue bunch of states, with their endless tit for tat, now going on for over 50 years.

In a war with ceaseless confrontation such as this Palestinian Israeli conflict, nobody is, as the saying goes, the winner, and, on all sides, its the innocent, the common folk, women, children who suffer.

The world must understand, every player in this situation, especially the US, are just fooling all of us, making out the impression they are good guys with good intentions of bringing peace in this region.

A real close look will show every side of this game are looking to get the best for themselves, the United States and other western powers' efforts to bring peace, but that "this is a very complex issue and will take a long time to bring to a close," a clear ploy to keep the fat bellies of oil rich countries, on one hand, in somnolence slumber, and an eye on the rich pockets of the rich Jews in their home countries, for their political coffer fill ups.

Why should the issue take long to arrive at a settlement? All it takes is to bring both sides to the negotiating table and a no holds barred warning to both sides ...............make a permanent peace, do not needle each other or else the UN and cooperating countries will place a huge, huge, effective peace keeping force in the region, and all errants on both sides, both sides, will be "punished" by economic sanctions and other effective boycotts.

Both sides need to be stopped in their tracks with "threats," of sanctions and boycotts, clipping their wings, so to speak.........why can't Israel be warned to always behave with restraint, or face a boycott from the world body of nations............both sides sternly warned to stop all forms of violence, no land encroachments, no rocket attacks, no military or terrorists incursions.

In fact, the kind of reaction from the world body of nations, here and in other areas of conflict, in Africa and elsewhere, is the same, hypocritical cosmetic set of shoutings and empty threats............at the end of the day every nation with fewer problems shut themselves in their homes, say a good night and to hell with the rest.

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